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Empowering Leaders to Gain Back Their Time, Leverage Their Strengths and Increase Profitability by Hiring and Retaining Top Talent

Empowering Leaders to Be In Their Zone of Genius with Hiring Top Talent

Unleashing the Power of Human Capital:
Discover the Winning Formula for Business Success through Talent Acquisition and Retention

Meet Angela Tait

Angela is an internationally recognized HR and Talent Development Leader with over 10+ years of experience facilitating strategic growth for small, mid, and large corporate teams. Though her experience has spanned a diverse array of industries, some of her most notable work includes training and growing staff by 1000% within 2-years, as well as increasing employee 90-day retention by 80%. Beyond her field experience, she is a board member on AZ Organization Development Network (ODN), holds a Society of Human Resource-Certified Professional (SHRMP-CP) Certification, and has a Masters Degree in Organization Development from Pepperdine University. Today, she is the CEO and Founder of Tait Consulting, a HR Consulting and Recruiting firm, which supports growth-minded leaders to lower turn over, increase revenue and sustainably scale to the next level by hiring  top performers, coaching executives, and building employee development systems.

Hire Top Talent to Replace or Fill a New Position
1-on-1 Strategy Session to Create Your Blueprint for Talent Acquisition
Monthly Recruiting and HR Services
2-Day Workshop with Strategy, Tools and Implementation for Talent Management


Our mission is to strategically acquire top talent, provide expert HR consulting, and create mutually beneficial opportunities, driving success for both individuals and the organization.

Free Masterclass

  • Hiring a Strong Team: How to Attract Top Talent
  • Creating Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Cultivating Ongoing Communication to Increase Retention
  • Exit Interviews: The Power of Patterns and Trends
  • Building a Culture of Belonging and Safety
  • Conflict Resolution Techniques

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